We believe that effective communication is the core of business operations.


ACORDASIA (Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development (Society)) was set up in July 1981. On 30th April 1983, it became a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. ACORDASIA provides its services to a wide range of organizations: Central & State Governments, Social Development sectors, Urban & Rural organizations/ communities, and Bilateral/International Development Organisations and to the CSR of companies.

Presently, ACORDASIA focusses on result improvement, city-wide change management participatory change-management, Public Participation awareness on issues like environment, organization development, good governance, human resource development, and urban/rural development with a Head office in Delhi, and a Field office in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

ACORDASIA has pioneered in pilot-testing several global “best-practices” and “proven-processes”, pilot – testing & adapting them for practical application in India, to achieve break-throughs in the above fields.


  • Achieve and Sustain World-Class Standards in Facilitating Organisational Effectiveness and Human Resource Development, and urban and rural development.

  • Improve Measurable Results for cities Organisations, Communication Groups, & Individuals.

  • Improve Facilitated positive change in Organisation through multiple stake holder consensus and good governance.

  • Improve Facilitated performance through skill up gradation and effective communication and information and knowledge enhancement.  

  • Provide world-class services through, training, applied research, and field-projects to social development sectors, urban/rural sectors, health, water, sanitation, environment, poverty allivation, and government sectors.
  • Client/People Centered
  • Team-Culture
  • Self-reliant
  • Change-Facilitating
  • Multi-Disciplinary
  • Performance-Culture
  • Process-Centered




Also see website of Koreth Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - a consortium partner with ACORDASIA.

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